Winter Hump Challenge

Most Transformed Winner and ‘A Healthier You’ participant 2015


fitness challenge winner

Elle started with Chodat fitness on a promotional ‘Living Social’ deal early 2015 and become a Chodat team memeber for the Winter Hump challenge for 13 weeks. During the 13 week challenge Elle committed fully. She was doing three to five group class sessions per week and has now started personal training. Elle completed the ‘A Healthier You’ program during the challenge to assist her success to make the right choices toward her goals. 

This is her story……

Elle KH collection

“The most daunting part of the journey for me was right at the start – at the point where you know you are over indulging and need to change your unhealthy habits. I thought Emily was quite insane for suggesting I cut down on both coffee and champagne?! So I stuck the smiley face that Em drew for me on the fridge with the words Champagne = 160 cals per glass and committed myself to the competition.  Go to the training, work as hard as I could and hope that it was true: regular exercise and eating well will make me fitter, improve my breathing, lose weight and be a good role model for my son.  I told my son it was my challenge, not a diet. Framing it this way helped me to reach my goals. I felt fabulous exceeding my fitness tests from beginning to end. Lukas is particularly good at encouraging newbies to feel OK in the first few weeks when it would be just so easy to give up.

The A Healthier You’ (AHY) program really does work. The private Chodat Fitness AHY Facebook group kept me accountable; all eyes on me, no escaping! I also enjoyed seeing how others were going, their challenges, successes and it was great to share recipes. Then when I reached my goal weight I freaked out a little …what’s next… how do I maintain this? Others in the group had reached their goal and watching them was helpful as they simply changed their goals and I could let go of the competition and refocus. Mine were to try a boxing class (tick!) aim for 50 push ups (tick!) and buy and sell a home without feeling swamped while working full time (Done!).
I am so delighted I am now in the healthy range for my height and age. And I want to stay this way! That’s my new challenge.

I am grateful to all the Chodat trainers and AHY group who made the 13 weeks such a treat- an authentic group of inspiring people– thank you. Best part…. the compliments I receive, so nice to hear.

Once again, thanks to the trainers and Chodat Fitness Facebook crew – I could not have done it without you!!”