About Chodat Fitness

The company, Chodat Fitness began operating in 2008 after Lukas followed his passion and persued a career in the fitness industry. The name ‘Chodat’ is the family name of husband and wife duo Lukas and Emily Chodat.

Lukas, an Illawarra local, holds numerous local and national sprinting and athletic accolades. Forming this company was a natural and instinctive step to helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Emily has a background in management and business solutions; bringing a solid understanding of development that drives Chodat Fitness to evolve.  Em is also a Personal Trainer that provides a holistic, grounded approach to being healthy, fit and strong.

Integrating both Lukas and Emily’s strong work ethic, love of healthy living the commitment to their client’s goals, the business continues to grow.  By maintaining these defining qualities allows them to uphold a unique business that continues to achieve, help and define the local Illawarra community to become healthier, fitter, stronger and more knowledgeable.

Our Mission

“We coach people of all ages and abilities to achieve their health, fitness and sporting goals in a dynamic and professional environment. We aim to make a difference within our community to spread the word of fitness, health and well being”

We offer specialist personal training for groups, teams, special events and individuals at indoor and outdoor locations. Our outdoor group training sessions deliver a fitness workout that is achievable for all fitness levels and ages.

Held at Flag Staff Hill, South Beach Wollongong, the classes range from interval running and fitness, boxing, cross training, sports rehab, muscle toning, circuit classes, and stretch/core focused programs.

Chodat Fitness is the Illawarra’s leading sprints and sports specific coaching provider. Catering for youths through to adults, we offer regular group sessions and can provide specialised one-on-one coaching at Beaton Park Leisure Centre athletics track, with focus on improving speed, agility and coordination.

Chodat Fitness has a proven track record of achieving results with their services to clients. They have helped hundreds of clients shed those unwanted kilos, tone up or have their body ready for a specific event, maintain a healthy life balance or recover from injury.

Furthermore, Chodat Fitness has trained many different sporting professionals covering sporting fields such as the NRL, AFL, A- League, National Athletic Sporting champions, State Athletics representatives, Motor Cross professionals, Master’s Games participants, fashion models, Mountain Biking professionals, National and state Touch Football, Basketball, Swimming and Tennis representatives, plus many other sports, NDIS, and rehabilitation clients.

Team Chodat pride themselves on the fact that fitness is for everyone and make sure all clients are made to feel included.

Success is in your hands, Chodat Fitness helps you find it, motivate, coach and drive you to achieving!

Each day Team Chodat see many clients with varying needs, some have goals some need a regular appointment slot to keep motivated there have been many positive results from fat loss, muscle gain, habit changes, and rehabilitation.

All year round they see members achieving their differing results. See our Blog to keep up to date with our member of the month!

Team Chodat participate in and sponsor many community and national events. Please contact us, we are always willing to help in any way we can, and often support local families for people in need for fundraisers or personal challenges.

They are a major fitness sponsors for the Greenacres Disability services M2M Challenge annually, which helps raise fund for the disabled community in the local Illawarra.

Recognising the need to provide guidance to young people wanting to enter the fitness industry Lukas and the Chodat Fitness team regularly mentor high school students through work experience placements over the course of the year.

We are allied with the Australian Institute of Fitness and University Of Wollongong, we offer you to contact us if you need to gain practical hours to complete your course.

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