Winter Hump Challenge

Most Transformed Winner 2016

Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe Snip

“I decided to partake in the Winter Hump Challenge offered by Chodat Fitness after several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight sustainably. Lukas and the entire Chodat team have not only provided me with an avenue to lose weight, they have provided the required tools for me to begin living a healthier lifestyle. For this I can’t thank them enough.

Over the 13 week Winter Hump period, I have been trained by several Chodat instructors who all offer a diverse regime catering for all fitness abilities. This was important to me as my fitness levels had depleted over a 16 odd year period.

My advice to new members that join the Chodat crew… (Family). It was quite daunting taking part in group sessions at first, however the members were very welcoming and supportive offering encouragement at every step. As such, I have now formed friendships with a great bunch of like-minded people.
Over the 13 week challenge I have lost over 14kg allowing me to start running confidentially again. Lukas and the Team, THANKYOU. I could not have done this without you.”


– Chris