Ali Eaton final snip

I decided to start AHY because I had gained a few unwanted kilo’s due to an injury and bad eating habits. Clothes were starting to get tight and I no longer felt good about the way I felt or looked.

I knew that I just needed a little kick start to get the ball rolling.  I chose the Chodat AHY program because I have confidence in their knowledge and expertise. Kelly was a great motivator with a genuine interest in my progress. Communication was available at all times and that little bit of a push when I needed it.

Two weeks into the program could feel a difference in myself. Clothes were more comfortable and I felt more energized. I still managed to have my daily treats but kept in mind not to go overboard. The program allows you to work at your own pace which has been a bonus for myself because it has not been a case of denial but moderation.

I would thoroughly recommend the AHY program to anyone who needs a little nudge to get their fitness and weight back on track.