Dan Stratton Before and After 2014 Edit

 After my weight increased to over 100kg, I began walking in the mornings and almost immediately noticed Chodat Fitness with their outdoor group classes. After watching them over a month I finally picked up the phone and organised my first session and have loved it ever since! I train with a combination of both 1 on 1 personal sessions and group activities. As my fitness and goals have evolved, the trainers have been there to support myself and tailor new plans to get me in the right shape for the events I am training for. The knowledge of the individual trainers in a range of professional sports and tertiary education has not only helped in my training, but also injury prevention and recovery.

When I joined Chodat Fitness in November 2012 I could barely jog 660m. I’ve now completed a half marathon in 1hr38min, multiple obstacle races, triathlons and can run 5km’s in under 20 minutes. Whilst there is no doubt that I am pleased with my physical transformation, the images don’t show what I have really gained – the general feeling of being energetic, healthy and having a far more positive outlook on life.