A healthier you winter hump

“I have been a member of Chodat Fitness for a number of years participating in the group training sessions which I have always enjoyed and have found quite rewarding. However I had never really stopped to think about the food that was fuelling my body. I joined the ‘A Healthier You’ program in combination with the annual Winter Hump challenge to educate myself on nutrition and to make better choices in the food that I consume with the view of making a permanent change. The results were fantastic, not only losing 8 kg over the 13 weeks of the program, but the knowledge gained will stand me in good stead to permanently maintain a healthier diet.

I feel a lot leaner and fitter than I did 13 weeks ago when the program began and have seen big improvements in my fitness testing results. Lasting 10 minutes in a prone hold was always something I had considered others could do. I never imagined I could do that myself. I am looking forward to improving my fitness levels further in the future. A big thanks to Emily and Kelly for their support and encouragement throughout the ‘A Healthier You’ program. Also a big thanks to all the Chodat Fitness trainers and fellow members who made the gruelling training sessions on cold, dark winter mornings enjoyable and something I actually looked forward to.”