Winter Hump Challenge

Most Transformed 3rd Place Holder

winter hump challange

Rob has been a Chodat member for many years and has had loads of success to date. This year he found him self in third place for the fitness challenge. He achieved this by  doing  two personal training sessions a week along with his own regime. His percentage loss and over health is a direct result of his hard work and dedication.

This is his story…..

fitness challenge

“At the start of my challenge my goal was pretty basic loose weight and be a fitter parent for my new 6 month baby girl.

I can say I achieved my goal and went beyond my expectations, a loss of nearly 19kg was achieved and nearly 14cm off my waist line during the Winter Hump program. My fitness level also went to another level. I was inconvenienced as I have osteoarthritis in my right hip in which in the near future I will require a hip replacement, so decreasing my weight can only benefit my hip. So with the help of the Chodat crew they had to put a program together that explores all possibilities to endeavour to create my weight loss and healthy lifestyle.
Now seeing the positive, I’ve set new personal goals to drop an extra 4-5kg and create a leaner look with my body mass.
The most enjoyable and interesting thing about the Winter  Hump program was being pushed by the Chodat team and their focus of making you reach your goals. A big thank you to Lukas, Fabian, Kelly and Emily for getting me over the line and making sure I reach my goal through their planning in fitness and dietary requirements. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is my portion control, for example you don’t realise the difference between a 150g piece of meat to a 300g piece of meat unless you weigh them.  In turn weighing food, tracking my food diary helped me with my portions control and the overall success of the challenge. I’ve learnt now in order to achieve your goals you must find the balance of your food intake and your fitness regime.
Winter Hump is an excellent program for you to achieve your fitness & health requirements and you’ll have support of a great  team at Chodat Fitness to get you the results you desire.”