Winter Hump Challenge

Most Transformed Runner-up

winter hump fitness challenge

Rod has been a Chodat Fitness client for some time now and does two or more group classes and personal training sessions per week. He has made some major changes to his life, health and fitness regime to be able to lose this amount of weight and centimetres from his body in 13 weeks. He epidermises mental strength and determination and will continue to succeed in life due to this achievement, he is the winter hump $2000 fitness challenge runner-up.

This is his story……


“And so here it was that time again the famous ‘Winter Hump Challenge for 2015’. Having competed the last two years and winning both times. I was determined to make some serious changes both mentally and physically to not only keep my title but to enhance my life (my determination was also encouraged by the rule changes for this years challenge..percentage loss of weight and centimetres). A big thanks to Emily and the Chodat Team for giving me the opportunity to enter.

I have always enjoyed and excelled at training within the group sessions and in the gym so my biggest hurdle was going to be eating well. I focused on cutting back on my much loved beers and staying mentally strong. A big part of my training was making sure I had fun and encourage those around me to have a good time also whilst still being focused on major improvements.

In the beginning before starting this year’s challenge, I wanted to make changes so bad but was over shadowed with self doubt… Could I really pull this off?? The first couple of weeks was spent with headaches, cravings and no energy. I knew that I would get off to a rough start, after all it was years of neglect that got me there. It was when I noticed my body changing, my clothes becoming lose and compliments from others that my confidence really grew and gave me the motivation to keep going.

With diet change along with exercise not only have I saw improvements in my physical body, but things I didn’t expect to change, changed. My sleep has improved, my mental alertness throughout the day is sharper, I have reduced stress and my anxiety levels have lowered and my personal self control is ten times stronger.

Throught the 13 week challenge it was not always easy, I had days where I could have gave up due to injury and fatigue but through constant support from my family, the team at Chodat and my mates (especially Troy, Charlie and Spud) I have not only competed at the best level…. I have changed my life!!

Regardless of the competition results I have already won!!! A special mention to you Lukas, you have been my number one supporter, mentor , trainer and most importantly my mate and without knowing you I would not be where I am today. To the team of Chodat Fitness words can never express my gratitude and I look forward to many more years of life changing moments as a part of your team.”