Winter Hump Challenge

Fitter, Faster, Stronger Winner 2016

Julie Ellmers

Julie Ellmers Snip

“I came to Chodat Fitness for Personal Training in January 2011 on the advice of my osteopath.  Although I had always been a relatively fit and active person I had a recent history that wasn’t great from a fitness perspective.  Following 15 months of chronic back pain and muscle spasm, I had surgery for a ruptured disc in 2007 and then had a baby in late 2008.  Whilst the surgery was a complete success, the time out-of-action and pregnancy had left me with a lot to make up for…  After ‘twanging’ my back sterilising baby bottles my osteo and I agreed that something had to change!

Lukas paired me with a trainer who had also experienced back pain and so really understood my predicament, and we got to work on the BOSU ball!  Late that year I had my second baby, training until midway through the pregnancy.

As soon as I could I got back to PT after the second bub and I’ve been at it ever since.  Along the way I picked up a regular training partner, Wendy and while Lukas is now our regular trainer we have worked with pretty much every trainer on the Chodat roster.  Every one of them brings something new and exciting to the table.  We give them WWF names for fun.  Jen the Destroyer, Kel from Hell, the Smiling Assassin (Lukas!).

This winter I decided to give the Fitter, Faster, Stronger challenge a go.  I wasn’t sure how much improvement I would achieve because I’m in reasonable shape these days but the results were a huge shock!  I had an overall improvement on the strength elements of about 35% and also managed to improve my fitness.  The best thing is that winter has flown by and instead of eating snacks on the couch while it rains, I’ve been in the gym!

After almost 6 years, the Chodat team feel like family to me now.  I’ve watched them grow and succeed as much as I have!  My passion is mountain biking but my weekly sessions with Lukas and Wendy really do make me fitter, faster and stronger.  I can’t imagine ever stopping!”