Korin Amin 2014 Edit

Being a part of the Chodat Fitness Winter Hump Challenge helped me reach my goal of weight loss, winning made it even sweeter! It helped having my one on one Personal Training session weekly to keep me on track and maintain a healthy balance to reach this goal, Thank you Team Chodat…

“Well done and a big congratulations to Korin Amin who is the most transformed over the 13 week challenge that is the Winter Hump!
Korin has achieved a 10.8kg body weight loss and a total of 50cm off her body in a healthy time frame. Korin has explained that hard work and dedication pays off when you are mentally prepared to challenge your body to achieve your goals.
Korin has received a goodie package from us at Chodat Fitness to help her with her beauty/body/mind/well-being transformation.”

~Chodat Fitness Team