Laura milan testimonial snip 


Close to six months ago (in 2014)  I came to Chodat Fitness with a glute tear and having had nearly six months off physical training. I had previously trained elsewhere. I tried to go back to my previous training but it only left me frustrated, because if I did what the others did, it only aggravated my injury and I didn’t like continuously having to tell the trainers that I couldn’t perform the same exercises. So I thought a change would be good. Physically, and mentally.

I initially started group sessions, walking when the others ran and was always given an alternative exercise for my injury without having to ask. After a good couple of months my fitness had improved but I knew I had to be pushed to go further. Sometimes when you get hurt you are scared to push it. Also I have road bike which I take out with a group of ladies at least once a week. I was constantly being left at the back of the pack (its not fun looking at bunch of bottoms in lycra). It was doing my head in. So I booked in my first batch of 5 one on one sessions and scored Kelly! Hmmm a lady trainer, never had a lady trainer. Was she going to yell at me like Michelle Bridges? I have had close to 15 sessions with Kelly now, and she is awesome!!!

Every session I have with Kelly is different and pushes me further than I thought I could go. As well as giving me constant encouragement.  I have started running again, my strength has improved immensely and for an amateur ride I am killing it on the bike – everyone else can look and my shrinking bottom in lycra! Seriously, after my first four sessions with Kelly, we came back from a ride and I was on top of the world. A couple ladies asked me what I was doing that had me improve my fitness so much lately.

The best feeling is that at the end of every session I feel hammered and happy. Sure every workout is as hard as you make it but the encouragement you get at Chodat is awesome. I think I am going to be here for a while. Awesome classes, amazing training location and great trainers with the most positive energy to bring out the best in us all.