Zoe Morrell

Zoe Morrell

Bachelor of Exercise Science
Sports Trainer Level 1
First Aid & CPR


Zoe has been immersed in sports and fitness from a young age. She has participated in swimming, tennis and athletics, as well as competing in gymnastics for 10 years and still plays field hockey after 15 years. Zoe’s passion for helping others to become the best that they can be developed from this diverse exposure to sports.
Being an Accredited Exercise Scientist, Zoe has been exposed to different areas of work in the exercise and sporting field, including being a sports trainer for a local soccer team, and helping young people with sensory, learning and physical disabilities and working with rehabilitation needs.
Zoe has been a part of the Chodat community and clientele from when she was 12 years old, including rehabilitation training following a serious knee injury in 2015. She is excited to now be a part of the team that has led and continues to lead many individuals and groups to living a healthier life.

SPORTING INTERESTS; Hockey, AFL, soccer, boxing and swimming