Nicole Simic 2014 edit

Before starting to train with Chodat Fitness my weight was 86kg, I had a tried many different gyms and I found trying to do it all myself was hard and I needed motivation.

In 2010 I decided I needed more help and guidance, I approached Lukas and Chodat Fitness to help me with achieving my goal of losing weight and I started out door group training classes. Dragging myself out of the comfort of my bed in the mornings was hard for me but  I worked hard with my training even though I couldn’t finish the warm up run the first class I attended, I still kept going and didn’t give up.

I have to thank Chodat Fitness as I always had so much encouragement from the trainers and everyone I trained with. If it wasn’t  for the social camaraderie with the lovely people I trained with and the Chodat Fitness team, I don’t think I could have kept going. Chodat Fitness were always so supportive and  tried to push me along every time I would feel like giving up. For six months straight I did not miss one week of training.

The best thing about deciding to make a change in my life is that I have not only lost 15kgs, I have made some really amazing friends but also met the love of my life at Chodat Fitness, who I married in May 2012.