August 2015

fitness challenge

Here’s my little success story! And yes, I am feeling fabulous!

I have been training with Chodat Fitness for three years and have always seen consistent results, but this year has been the best by far. Before starting this year’s Winter Hump I decided I wanted to make more significant changes to my health and fitness and everyone at Chodat Fitness was there to support me 100%. Over the last 13 weeks I have made some sustainable changes to my diet and also picked up PT sessions, which really gave me the push I needed. I have achieved my largest weight loss since starting with Chodat Fitness 3 years ago, but more importantly I love the lifestyle I’ve created. I feel fit, strong and healthy, and am motivated to keep improving myself physically and mentally. Chodat Fitness is a big part of my life, which I am so grateful for. I am always having fun and learning from the wonderful people I get to train with, and this positivity fuels me every day!

-Nina 🙂


March 2013

Nina Visaggio WEB READYI lost 4.5 kgs and 9cm over the 6 week program and I’m extremely happy with my result! I’m close to my goal weight, I know exactly what I need to do to get there and am on the right track thanks to the guidance and tips I received over the 6 weeks in the A Healthier You program. Not only have I noticed a difference in myself physically but mentally as well, one of the most important and simple thing things I have learnt is that this is a lifestyle change, the program it isn’t hard work and it’s sustainable.

My advice; you don’t need to wait for the right time to make a change, just start, take as long as you need and create good habits. Since starting outdoor classes with Chodat Fitness almost 2 years ago all the trainers have been really supportive and I knew when it came to my diet it would be no different. Emily was my coach she is very knowledgeable, motivating and easy to talk to. The approach that Emily and the team uses and teaches us is practical, which made it easy for me to make changes and turn them into habits.

After the first 2 weeks I noticed that my clothes were fitting more comfortably, my skin cleared up and I was satisfied after eating smaller meals. I have dealt with a thyroid problem for a few years, which made it hard for me to lose weight and I was almost always bloated after eating. I hardly ever felt bloated over the 6 weeks, which has really motivated me to make permanent changes. Sharing this experience with a group definitely helped keep me on track.

I would recommend group training sessions to anyone – they are obviously a great workout but are also a lot of fun. I have met great people and have awesome trainers! I love food and would never restrict myself, but making a few lifestyle changes and making better choices has made a huge difference to my attitude towards a healthier me!