Sprint Training Wollongong Sydney

Sprint training is an effective way to increase your run speed and general performance. It can be a whole workout on its own for cardiovascular development but excellent for maximising speed, improving technique, and building confidence for your chosen sport.

Chodat Fitness aims to accommodate all different fitness levels. A great way to start your basic sprint training journey is by attending one of our training classes. On the other hand, if you’d like a more customised program, private sprint coaching is the one to take up!

All Chodat Fitness expert coaches are ex-athletes with years of experience to offer, so you’ll have the very best to guide and instruct you throughout your training.

Benefits of Private Sprint Coaching

Private sprint coaching at Chodat Fitness is one on one coaching, focusing entirely on the client and their goals. Our coaches perform initial consultation and testing and then accurately construct the best program for our clients. Some other services we offer under private sprint coaching are:

  • Help set realistic long-term goals
  • More accountability
  • Help correct your technique
  • Discuss your current nutrition and assess if you require a referral for nutritional advice from an allied professional
  • Offer schedule flexibility
  • Maintain a constant variety in exercises
  • Adjust exercises as needed

It is important to us that you meet your intended goals when you start private sprint coaching with our team at here at Chodat Fitness.

Getting Started with Basic Sprint Training

Can’t seem to stay motivated in reaching your goals? We offer group sprint classes to start off your basic sprint training journey. Chodat Fitness fosters a supportive environment that is conducive to improving our clients’ overall athletic performance and getting them set on the right track.

Our coaches ensure to classes are structured according to every group’s specific needs and requirements as per their fitness levels. Consistently delivering a variety of exercises, skills and techniques in each class. Chodat Fitness coaches instruct every client in group sprint training classes on how to exercise with the correct form and technique to prevent any potential injuries from occurring.

In addition, for basic sprint training, we follow through certain techniques, such as speed drills to help utilise time effectively to gain the best training results in a set timeframe. Some other technical aspects and performance areas our coaches focus on in basic sprint training are speed work, agility and acceleration to ensure a well-rounded  training regime is established.

It is recommended to go through warm up drills prior to beginning a basic sprint training program in order to achieve maximum performance. We also advise starting off with one of our Intro Offers to kickstart your basic sprint training journey.

Finally, the best part about starting your sprint training? No equipment is needed. Just you, your motivation, and a good pair of shoes!

Precautions to Take in Basic and Private Sprint Coaching

Before starting your training, it’s never a bad decision to get the go-ahead from your medical professional and make sure to thoroughly warm up before beginning any workout. These are some ways to prevent injuries from taking place.

Get started with basic sprint training by getting a coach for the first few sessions to allow you to learn the correct exercise forms. Start your sprint training fitness journey with a Chodat Fitness coach today at 0431383411 or send in an enquiry!