Stacey Zanella Snip Pic 2014 July

I joined the AHY to lose a few kgs, gain strength and more education on portion control and healthier options.

I decided to go with the AHY program because I have been a Chodat member for the past 3 years and have built a close rapport with the trainers and was very confident they know what they are doing and have the motivation, experience and guidance to help me achieve the results I was looking for.

I can’t thank Em, Kel and Jen enough. It was a very hard time for me. I lost a very close friend to cancer at the young age of 36. The support, caring and constant contact was unbelievable; they definitely went above and beyond. If it wasn’t for you lovely ladies and this great program, during this time, I’m sure I would have lost it completely, thank you ladies.

It was great seeing myself getting stronger at each training session, my pants were fitting better, I wasn’t as hungry and had loads more energy.

I really enjoyed sharing recipes, motivation from other team members, feedback from Em and Kel on the foods I was eating and most of all, nothing was a no no!!! Everything in moderation.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone, the PT sessions with Jen were great, I really enjoyed the one on one time and felt I gained a lot from it, sometimes it’s easy to hide in a group session, not that I would, though walking the next day was a challenge in itself!

I hope to pursue this as my lifestyle now, not a challenge but a way of life.