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$2000 Most Transformed Winner 2016

I decided to partake in the Winter Hump Challenge offered by Chodat Fitness after several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight sustainably. Lukas and the entire Chodat team have not only provided me with an avenue to lose weight, they have provided the required tools for me to begin living a healthier lifestyle. For this I can’t thank them enough. READ MORE

Most Transformed Runner up 2016

Where do I begin?  I have tried many diets with no success. I have trained a lot but it doesn't work so good without eating well as well! I thought enough is enough and when the challenge came up I jumped on to it straight away!  I look better and I am fitter! Even my kids said I'm a lot happier. READ MORE

Most Transformed 3rd Place 2016

My weight issues have been a long battle for me. Lukas encouraged me to sign up for the Winter Hump challenge last year.  I remember my first class, I thought I was going to die.   After the challenge finished I continued my exercise regime and slowly improved my fitness level.  By now I had managed to lose about 15kg. READ MORE

Fitter, Faster, Stronger Winner 2016

'I came to Chodat Fitness for Personal Training in Jan 2011 on the advice of my osteopath.  Although I had always been a relatively fit and active person I had a recent history that wasn’t great from a fitness perspective.  Following 15 months of chronic back pain and muscle spasm I had surgery for a ruptured disc in 2007 and then had a baby in late 2008. After almost 6 years, the Chodat team feel like family to me now.  READ MORE

Fitter, Faster, Stronger Most Improved

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Fitter, Faster and Stronger Challenge as part of the Winter Hump.  To help me focus on strength, in addition to the group classes, I attended weekly PT sessions and my results from the fitness testing shows they were a success READ MORE

Nicole Simic - Winter Hump 'A Healthier You'

The last 13 weeks has been action packed in The Winter Hump Challenge! My highlight has been losing 10kgs of baby weight- which I never thought would disappear. After doing the Healthier You program with Chodat I have all the motivation & knowledge I need! I feel amazing! READ MORE