Sue Ried Snip Picture

I had been putting on weight over the past few years and was tired of not fitting into clothes anymore and also going up in sizes. I had always been pretty active with sport and running and knew I needed a helping hand to get back on the right track with weight loss.

When Lukas mentioned the 6 week challenge one Monday morning I was very keen and motivated. I came home and within the hour I had a phone call from Emily motivating me to do it and to have a chat about some goals. I was given a package for the six weeks and a few guidelines to follow, including a food diary, calorie counting app and an exercise diary for the week.  They all had to be handed in each Sunday making you accountable for what you were achieving. We received feedback each Monday on how well and not so well we went. I found this very helpful and felt there was a lot of support from the Chodat Team.

I loved the calorie counting app (fitness pal) that I downloaded.  That helped me the most. I was amazed how quickly snacks  and alcohol added up each  day.  It wasn’t so much what I ate is was how much I ate. Really the big thing for me was the portion sizes and how to cut back.

The exercise side of things wasn’t too difficult for me as I have always loved sport. I found the five hours a week easy and often would do more walking to really get the hours up. The Chodat classes were great and I had a chance to try some new classes which broke up the monotony of the week.

I started to see some changes after about week three and the best part was when my friends could see that I had lost the weight. It made me feel more confident and I had more energy. I went down a clothes size and am happy to maintain this weight but would like to lose another 3kg. I think I can do this after the help I received from the 6 week challenge.

I would recommend it to anybody that wants to lose weight. As I said before the key for me was to adjust portion sizes in the diet. Kelly and Em were a great support and wonderful motivators.

Thanks team.