Tanya Higgins

I had always been actively involved in competitive sports from an early age. In 2008 I had a work place incident that resulted in ongoing pain to my groins, hips and back. Ultimately, the debilitating pain stopped me playing my beloved sports.

Early 2012 I was diagnosed with a Labral tear to the right hip. In April that same year, I had surgery to repair the tear. I also had an ITB release and a bumpectomy (bone shaven in the right hip).

I worked extremely hard during the rehabilitation process, but was not seeing results. The pain intensified and spread to other parts of my body and I never made it through a day pain free. By April 2013 the relentless pain took a toll on my mental health and that’s when I made the decision to seek the assistance of a Personal Trainer. After consulting a number of professional’s in the sporting and rehabilitation area, I made the decision to seek the assistance of Lukas Chodat. I commenced a training program with Lukas, purely based on injury management. Within four weeks I saw a HUGE improvement in my physical and mental health. I lost 2kg, smashed my 1km time trial from 5min, to 3min 33sec. I could do 15 extra push ups on my toes and increased my plank hold by 40sec.

Over a six month period my strength increased significantly. I could not only hold my body weight, I could do three (small) chin up’s. Yay, who ever would have thought!! I was smashing out resistance and speed based programs on the tread mill and stationary bike. I was thoroughly enjoying the sessions and soon realized I was getting through my every day activities pain free.
I transitioned into group training recently and am totally enjoying myself. The entire team have been very welcoming and Emily Chodat has been a wealth of knowledge, as she has personal knowledge of my particular injury.

In September 2013 I was fortunate enough to play Oztag in the Master’s division, representing Australia.

I am personally so very thankful to Lukas, Emily and the entire Chodat Team. I can positively say, without your professional knowledge, passion and guidance I would not be pain free, nor would I have had the opportunity to represent Australia.