Lose Weight with Wollongong’s ‘A Healthier You’ Program

Have you been wanting to lose weight but can’t seem to get started? Or every time you get a little bit of motivation you end up sabotaging yourself? Why not try our program and discover a whole new way to look at food and exercise? It will guide you onto the road for fat loss and or muscle gain, overall improvement to your whole approach to health and fitness.

What is ‘A Healthier You’

A Healthier You is a health awareness program aiming to assist and motivate participants to reach their nutrition and physical activity goals.
Our program aims to educate on healthy eating and exercise, by using mindfulness, accountability and specific coaching tools to improve self-awareness and generate a sustainable healthy lifestyle change.With support from your own health coach it encourages individuals to take responsibility for change.

Through research, we understand that simply providing eating plans and supplements does not equal long-term success and sustained weight-loss. Our unique approach is to provide a platform to educate you about food, to make you aware of your relationship with food and build a positive foundation for a long-term change ‘A Healthier You’.



Contact us to set up an appointment where we can advise you directly on your goals, needs and wants.