wendy fenton success story

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had a really bad 6 months then everything settled down, but I was told that I would have the full blown disease within the next 10 years, maximum. My Mom died from the complications of RA. I have always liked to run, just a recreational plodder really, however I had always aspired to run the City to Surf. So it seemed like as good a time as any, who knew if I would be able to do it next year. A friend was doing personal training with Chodat Fitness, and wanted a training buddy. So I started personal training, with the initial goal of finishing a C2S.

I have just finished my 3rd C2S and I beat my last years’ time by 5mins, from 89 mins down to 84! Last year I decided a half marathon would be a good challenge, just to finish the 21k’s! I finished those 21k’s last year, and this year improved my time by 10mins! I haven’t felt this fit for 20 years.

I can attribute all that to Lukas and the team at Chodat Fitness. My training buddy and I do PT with Lukas once a week and as a lead up to my various events I have done one on one variously with Lukas, Sam, Jenny and Fabian.  Their professionalism impressed me from the start, they all ‘know their stuff’ so you can feel confident that the training and advice will work for you.

I look forward to PT every week.  I enjoy my own running so much more due to the training and advice I receive in PT. From a fitness perspective, at 51 I would never have achieved what I have, or have the motivation I do at this stage in my life if it wasn’t for Lukas and the team.  I can’t say thank you enough.

I’m hoping to complete my 3rd half marathon next month. Who would have thought I’d be doing 2 half marathons a year!