Kerry Bussoletti Snip

“Where do I begin?… Since having babies I have always been tubby. It is so upsetting for me because I was always so tiny before, I have tried many diets with no success, I have also trained a lot but it doesn’t work so good without eating well!

I was tired and running was so hard as I was not fit! I thought enough is enough and when the challenge came up I jumped on to it straight away. It is now at the end of it and I have never felt so good, I look better and I am fitter. Even my kids say I’m a lot happier.

I owe it all to my Chodat trainers, especially Lukas, Em, Kelly and Charlotte who coached me in their A Healthier You program during the 13 week challenge. You guys never gave up on me! I have really enjoyed training this year. Chodat Fitness has amazing members who I love to train with, so thank you to my Chodat family for helping me succeed.”