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Sprints, Groups PT – Additional Changes

Please keep supporting your local business’

Group Training Classes

Classes will continue at normal time slots, as per our online schedule. They will change to virtual classes on our social media platform, Instagram IGTV which can be viewed at anytime and re-watched.

Equipment – Collect your barbell sets from us, this Saturday 10th from Lukas at UniActive Gym between 12-2pm.

Alternatively you can sms/call 0431383411 to put a hold on your membership for the week, until the 16th July.

We would appreciate your support in any way possible, feel free to share our live workouts, get family involved, like and comment!

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Sprint Training Classes

Online virtual classes will be in place during the week on a Monday and Thursday at 4 pm.

We have a private Facebook group for this class. Request membership JOIN HERE.

1 hour duration, normal price and booking process remain the same.

Personal Training Appointments

Remaining unchanged, please come along to your normal PT session at your regular location. UniActive Gym will have an outdoor set up with plenty of gym equipment. Contact your trainer directly or Lukas if you have any questions or changes.

If anyone is not wanting to come in to the Innovation Campus location, we are happy to offer your PT session virtually, FaceTime etc whatever works, please arrange this with you trainer.

Covid Safe

All our regular Covid Safe cleaning and social distancing will be adhered to.

Additionally; our Administration Manager is away for a few weeks, so we might be a little delayed with response from time to time. Thank you for your patience.


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Lukas Chodat Manager 0407297895


Admin Bookings 0431383411