As We Age

As We Age
October 3rd, 2019 0 Comments

As our bodies age, we start to experience muscle fibre wastage and bone mineral density decrease. It is very important we keep moving our bodies by lifting weights, doing cardiovascular work and keeping our balance and flexibility. If we  keep up these types of movements and physical activity may positives are created:

•    Increasing of general strength and ability to perform everyday tasks becomes easier

•    Decreasing Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

•    Increase in metabolism and lean muscle mass

•    Increasing in mobility and range of motion in performing everyday tasks

•    Increasing level of fitness and lung capacity

•    Increasing bone mineral density

•    Greater quality of life due to great flexibility and mobility

Keep yourself moving, lift weights, ensure that you never give up on keeping active. Your actual age doesn’t need to be your biological age, keep moving and you will feel younger and fitter.

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