Our Bodies Need Food High In Protein

Our Bodies Need Food High In Protein
January 11th, 2017 0 Comments

Protein is important for our bodies and essential for muscle growth and repair. Ensure you are getting a good source of protein at each of your meals as it will also increase your metabolism, and allow for better recovery of your muscles, especially after sessions of lifting weights or high intensity training.

Foods that are high in protein include: red meat; chicken; fish; nuts, beans and pulses; cheese, milk , yoghurt and other dairy substitutes; eggs; tofu.

If you’re struggling to get protein into your diet, you can obtain higher levels of protein through more synthetic sources which include protein shakes/powders/bars/mixes/lollies.

Remember a meal higher in protein will keep your stomach full for longer.

Lukas Chodat for the Illawarra Mercury