How You Can Get a ‘6 Pack’

How You Can Get a ‘6 Pack’
July 4th, 2018 0 Comments

Abs are made in the kitchen?!

The ‘6 Pack’ is often the ‘Holy Grail’ for people training and is often directly associated as their end goal.

To achieve this desired goal of a 6 pack, training and diet need to be in synergy. A diet too calorie high can affect this end goal. Here are our tips to best ways to fast track your way to a 6 pack include:

  • Ensure you are not overloading on too many calorie dense foods like flavoured milks, yogurts and ice creams. You want to enjoy a clean, flexible diet. 
  • Consume a diet that incorporates protein at all of your main meals
  • Train at a higher intensity doing resistance work and high intensity jumps and sprinting

The abdominal fat that often covers your ‘abs’ can be easily burnt we just need to ensure we are doing the right things in terms of burning and ingesting calories.

If you have more weight to lose, make sure you are a in a ‘calorie deficit’, this means you are moving more than you are consuming and then the weight will come off and the ‘abs’ will appear, with the right strength training.

Stay positive everything happens with time!

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