How can I vary a weights session?

How can I vary a weights session?
December 5th, 2016 0 Comments

There are many ways an individual can vary a weights session, to not only keep motivated but to constantly see progress and improvement. It involves changing variables that are very easily done. These variables include:

Speed: changing the speed of the repetition by slowing it down;

Order: changing the order of exercises in your program;

Recovery: increasing or decreasing the recovery depending on how much load you are lifting;

Weight/Reps: increasing or decreasing these variables to either work on more strength, or building muscle;

Sets: by including super sets, drop sets or circuit based sets you can totally change a routine to create many desired effects.

These variations not only allow for an improvement in physical strength and size, they will also keep you motivated and fresh.

By Lukas Chodat

Photo sourced from The Illawarra Mercury