Controlling Your Portion Sizes

Controlling Your Portion Sizes
June 20th, 2018 0 Comments

Portion size is key to any successful eating plan. Getting these portion sizes wrong may mean you are doing all this hard work and getting minimal reward in terms of weight loss.

Tips for controlling your portion sizes include:

  • Use kitchen scales as a good measuring tool
  • Try and avoid the snacking times of 5-6pm (this is a great time to exercise if you can)
  • Use thin layers of spreads or butters instead of thick as this will reduce calorie amounts
  • Buy pre portioned packs as they display almost exactly the amount of calories and nutrients you are getting
  • Remember it takes around 20 minutes after you finish food to feel full, so keep in mind you may not always feel full after you directly finish, but this could change very quickly as your body begins processing food.