Don’t let Unhealthy Supper Ruin the Day

July 14th, 2016 0 Comments

It’s the danger time of day, you’ve eaten superbly all day, salads, lean meats, vegetables, nuts and fruit. You’ve had a healthy dinner but are needing something else a few hours after. Listen to your body here, don’t starve it, just be smart with your choices in what to consume before bed.

Healthy eating: Plain yoghurt with nuts or dark chocolate is a sensible choice for a late supper.

Some dessert/supper ideas include:

– Low fat/sugar plain Greek yoghurt with a handful or almonds or walnuts

– Protein smoothie with either milk or water and whey protein powder

– Ricotta or Cottage cheese on a low GI cracker (Riveta) with a small dash or cinnamon and honey

– Small serving of cheese and almonds

– Small serving of dark chocolate and a glass of milk

These suggestions are higher in protein and will leave you move satisfied and in fact feed your muscles as you sleep.

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