How to Get A Personal Training Job?

How to Get A Personal Training Job?
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There seems to be loads of graduates that are completing their personal training qualifications which is a bonus to the individuals that need help with their health and fitness goals; however have you been successful in getting a  personal training job in the industry?

Being an employer we often see candidates that are unaware of what it takes to be successful in the fitness industry. Like any job hard work and dedication is the topic at hand. We want people to succeed with finding their perfect job in the health and fitness industry, so we have put together tips, we think would help you along the way to finding your dream PT (personal training) job!

How to become a personal trainer

1. Get Qualified

We recommend the Australian Institute of Fitness  to secure your personal training job and the  qualifications to go with it. The AIF have several locations around Australia for you to study to suit your time schedule. Having the right paper work behind you ensures you know what you are doing, how to ensure you can navigate high risk clients and ensure you understand the processes you might take to achieve your client’s safety and success rate. Remember you are dealing with people’s lives….!

2. Be Educated and Smart

You now have your qualifications; make a plan for yourself. Personal training is a competitive business, and one way to help yourself stand out is by choosing a speciality and receiving additional certification. For example, you may want to find a program that teaches you how to work with children or people with special needs so you can broaden your client base.  Get the experience you need,  get a mentor,  work for a PT company or a gym that will coach you to becoming a better trainer. A tip would be to get a trainer for yourself see what its like to be trained, challenge yourself to keep learning about all health and fitness topics…. Knowledge is key!

3. The Right Personality

As an employer we see loads of people with qualifications however lacking in personality. This is key in the health and fitness industry you are someone’s motivator and coach, staying positive and energetic should come easy for you to be successful.

Here are a few simple tips to employ to show your boss you are perfect for the role…remember this should start before you even have the job!

  • Professional-  exhibit qualities such as honesty and integrity, be trust worthy. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing, even when it means taking a harder road.
  • Image – yes this means looking the part and keeping fit and healthy, ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ and  understanding what goes on your social media accounts!
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  • Proactive/Initiative– be one step a head of your boss and their exceptions, if you don’t know what to do or say there is no shame in simply asking. ‘Remember the squeakiest wheel gets the most oil’, offer to do work experience, help out at classes or ‘shadow’ a trainer to get experience.
  • Hard Yards– everyone starts somewhere and you often don’t land in a goldmine over night… Be prepared to put in the hard yards to achieve and make a head start for yourself. Remember we learn from others so if you don’t know what to do ask your boss/mentor…sorry Generation Y & Z  its true…hard work pays off!


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