Good Health: Exercising During Pregnancy

Good Health: Exercising During Pregnancy
July 21st, 2016 0 Comments

Congratulations, you and your partner are expecting. Let’s assess your fitness regime to see what modifications need to be made.

  • Ensure you maintain a comfortable body temperature, don’t train out in the middle of the day or in gymnasiums with no air conditioning;
  • Use the “talk test” as a good measure of intensity. If you cannot talk comfortably during the exercise you then you may need to lower your intensity;
  • Some guidelines suggest that you do not exceed a heart rate over 140bpm (drawing blood away from the placenta);
  • Reduce your abdominal isolated movements, don’t perform abdominal crunches and if any movement feels uncomfortable, you are better off avoiding it;
  • Do not increase your training load.

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