June’s Workout of the Month

May 31st, 2016 0 Comments

This month’s workout focuses on strength of the upper body. The workout features two parts and is a great challenge to do with a friend.

Part 1 is a Bench Press for maximum reps

Males-  the weight is half your body weight

Females- the weight is a quarter of your body weight

Each repetition you count, the bar must touch your chest and your elbows must lock out at the top each time. The aim is to complete as many repetitions as you can, this is your score.

Part 2 is a Chin Hold for as long as possible

For this part of the workout it is best to grab a friend so that they can time your performance.  For this exercise you have to hold yourself above a 90 degree angle. Once your weight drops below 90 degrees the time will stop.

Tip- use a step to help jump up into position.

Your Result= Your total score for June’s workout is the number of bench press repetitions plus the number of seconds that you held the chin hold. For example if you scored 30 repetitions on the bench press and 1 minute and 5 seconds on the chin hold your score would be 30+ 65 (seconds)= 95. So your total score would be 95.

Good Luck and don’t forget to share your score with us! 🙂