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October 1st, 2014 0 Comments

An individual session is $15.00 per class

Term 4: Starts 8/10/2014 ~ Ends 17/12/2014 = $132.50

This class creates an environment where children relate fitness with fun. Great opportunity for kids to burn up all that extra energy whilst having loads of fun, improving agility, fitness levels, mental wellbeing, balance and team bonding. The classes also are educational as the trainers show your child the correct exercise technique and develop their key motor skills. As well as enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are actually fit sleep better and are better able to deal with physical and emotional challenges such as studying for a test.

Learning skills
Moving and having fun
Improves self-esteem
Improves sleep
Lowers blood pressure

Check out these videos:

Kids Fun Fitness- Little kids sack race

Kids Fun Fitness – Finishing the session off with a game


1. You can call us on 0431 383 411 or login to our >ONLINE STORE

2. Simply make a profile/enter and then you can sign up to the class

3. Make a single or reoccurring visit booking for Wednesday 4pm

4. Choose your package = Kids Fitness Term #

5. Start contract from your first class date and ‘Make Purchase’

Note: all new members are required to pay $40.00 membership and joining fee- you get a free singlet with this.