Many Hands Make Light (Fitness) Work

November 7th, 2016 0 Comments

The benefits of outdoor group training stem from so many avenues. These include;

  • Join the crowd: Fitness trainer Lukas Chodat says training in groups provides participants with extra motivation to keep fit.
  • Training becomes more motivating as you have family, friends and other group members helping you along in the session
  • There are many different styles of classes that can be delivered including, running, boxing, lifting and muscle toning, sprints and circuit style sessions
  • You have the beautiful surrounds of the outdoors near a beach or park to enjoy whilst you train
  • Being in this group environment helps you through training throughout the whole year
  • Networking between members is a big benefit that often happens at these sessions and creates new friendships and business relationships;

Sessions will occur at the start, during and end of the day to cater for all working conditions.

By Lukas Chodat for The Illawarra Mercury