Member of the Month February

Member of the Month February
January 30th, 2018 0 Comments

GRANT VUKASINOVIC Winner of a $100 Gift Card

A Greensacres Disability Services Professional who has been with Chodat Fitness for 3 years, after joining on a corporate relationship with his employers. Grant was selected by our team for this month for his consistency to train and maintain his health and fitness and continually do well in classes.

1.What initially prompted you to start training with Chodat Fitness? I joined three years ago with a corporate group class. I still play sports but felt my fitness was quite poor, so some extra training was my initial motivation.
2. What is your current goal, or next mini goal you are looking to achieve?
I compete in Grade Basket Ball, we are going to the Pan Pacs Masters, where for 8 days we play up to 8 games. My Chodat classes complement and help me to prepare for these events.
3. What do you enjoy most about training?  I am fitter now than most of my 30’s + 40’s. The groups have improved my strength + speed immensely. Now I am able to run the Gong Fitness 5K in just over 24 minutes!
4. How has your lifestyle changed? I started doing just 2-3 evening classes a week, to now doing one class a day, 6 days a week!
5. What is one piece of advice you would like to give to others just starting out?  Start by trying a range of the classes to see what works best for you. The best thing is the trainers adjust the daily program to suit your fitness level, the training will get easier, we all feel its hard at some point, it means its working.

Congratulations Grant and good luck at the Pan Pac Master games fingers crossed for that Gold medal this year.

-Team Chodat Fitness