Member of the Month – January 2018

Member of the Month – January 2018
January 14th, 2018 0 Comments

Keti Whitmee Winner of a $100 Gift Card

A business woman and mother of two children with another on the way due in March 2018. Keti was selected by our team for this month for her consistency to train and maintain her health and fitness pre and post natal. Keti is a great inspiration who is dedicated and positive to her approach to all aspects of health and fitness.

  1. What initially prompted you to start training with Chodat Fitness? To have accountability, better quality exercise, getting out of comfort zone, tone, strengthen, feel strong + healthy.
  2. What is your current goal, or next mini goal you are looking to achieve?  Aim to stay consistent + committed through two pregnancies. To be at a place where I feel good within my own skin.
  3. What do you enjoy most about training?  I have now created a healthy weekly habit = Gym two times/week + exercise on other days. As a result, I feel fitter, healthier, a more health conscious.
  4. How has your lifestyle changed? For me its about being honest and consistent to myself. I have chosen to commit to fitness and make this non negotiable, it gets booked into the diary as any other important appointment and NOTHING else gets booked over this appointment.
  5. What is one piece of advice you would like to give to others just starting out?  Join the best team going around, it makes staying with fitness easy!

Congratulations Keti!

-Team Chodat Fitness