Member of the Month March

Member of the Month March
March 1st, 2018 0 Comments

DAVE BUCKLEY Dad and Uber Driver Professional

1.What initially prompted you to start training with Chodat Fitness?  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so I wanted to loose some weight and gain a little fitness.

2. What is your current goal, or next mini goal you are looking to achieve?
Get to the 80kg mark! Slow and steady wins the race. Im very proud of hitting the 100kg mark and changing my lifestyle & eating habits.

3.What do you enjoy most about training? Honest, genuine & encouraging staff. Helping me set realistic goals & reachable targets.

4. How has your lifestyle changed? Drastically! I now eat better, drink more water, exercise a whole heap more. I resisted change and had a ‘she’ll be right cobber’ attitude when I started. I actually listen and follow the suggested lifestyle changes now, progress is a lot faster.

5.What is one piece of advice you would like to give to others just starting out? Listen to your trainers advice on lifestyle changes and setting goals. Just start and take it one step at a time, you’ll not only be amazed with the results, but very pleased as well.

Congratulations Dave!

-Team Chodat Fitness