New Year = A New You

New Year = A New You
January 21st, 2020 0 Comments

How to Set Goals

It is this time of year where people will start to look at resolution they aspire to, but inevitable struggle to maintain.
Setting goals is an essential start to any training program and mist be done so in a structured and careful approach.
When setting goals for a new year, it is important to follow these simple principles to ensure you don’t set yourself up for failure.
Goals should be:

1. Measurable= this means there should be the capacity to be able to show that there has been improvement. A faster run, higher jump etc

2. Observable= goals should be easily seen by the athlete on how they can be achieved, a process and course of action

3. Achievable= there is no point setting goals that an athlete cannot reach or achieve, this will only cause disappointment’

4. Timely= goals should be set in a time period that is not only achievable but also keeps the athlete motivated in trying to achieve

A part of what we do as trainers we will hep set you a fitness program for you to follow along with your PT regime or program. Come to us and we can help you on your way!