‘Power Battle’ Fun Competition

‘Power Battle’ Fun Competition
August 1st, 2016 0 Comments

Join your team to part take in the last Power Session for the Winter Hump 2016.

We need 30 Chodat members who are happy to compete against our friends Savvy Fitness and Definition Fitness on the 20th August….first in first served to secure your spot to compete.

REGISTER HERE NOW or SMS 0431 383 411

Course Details:

Date – 20th August  2016

Location – South Beach – Chodat Fitness site licence

Event Start – 6.30am

Event Finish  – 8am

Objective: Complete one hour obstacle course as many times as possible. After each lap you must fill your team’s tub with sea water using only 1 cup, once fill per client per lap. Team with the most water in tub after the one hour wins!

Power session map