How to regain control of the calorie battle

How to regain control of the calorie battle
June 20th, 2017 0 Comments

Replacing certain foods and habits with others will regain your grip on a calorie struggle that you may be having.

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Some replacements and changes can include:

Use the stairs each day at work instead of the lifts.

Replacing 1 beer per day with a glass of water can save you around 6-7kg  each year in weight gain.

If you need a chocolate fix go for dark chocolate with higher cocoa content to reduce the amount of sugar you consume, hence producing less liver fat.

Needing a pizza? Make your base from cauliflower to dramatically reduce calories by lowering the carbohydrate content.

Aim to stand at work instead of sitting to increase your caloric expenditure by 10 per cent each day in comparison to the same time spent sitting.