Run with your Physio Wednesday 6am

Run with your Physio Wednesday 6am
January 18th, 2016 0 Comments


As part of our ongoing relationship with Unanderra Physiotherapy and Pilates, Wednesday morning 6am classes have now become the “Run with your physio” session.

Hence, one of Unanderra’s physios will be present at the session at Wollongong City Beach Stairs every Wednesday morning.


The aim of this involvement will be to:

1. Allow a fully supervised re-integration to running for our injured athletes who are looking to return to outdoor fitness sessions and/or a running program.

2. Allow for very effective communication about the injury between the physio and Chodat fitness trainer

3. Allow clients to match up against one of the physios during a training session …..who doesn’t want to beat their physio in a fitness session??


For existing Unanderra Physiotherapy and Pilates clients discuss this with your physio at your next consultation.

If you have been putting off a niggling injury 2016 is the year to get it managed professionally, call Unanderra Physiotherapy and Pilates on (02) 4271 5648

Happy training!