Running Fundamentals and Injury Prevention

Running Fundamentals and Injury Prevention
July 18th, 2018 0 Comments

Here are our Tip for the M2M Challenge 2018

With M2M coming up in less than 2 weeks on the 29th July, It’s a good time to go over a few key
points to consider when preparing your body for any type of running event.


Key Points

  1. To have good running form and help you run efficiently and injury free, you need to make
    sure you are strong in both the lower muscular chains and your core or what I like to refer
    to as your Power House. The more strength and stability you have in this area, the more
    power you can generate and for those distance runners, you will find you can run and hold
    your form and posture for longer periods of time with a strong power house. In the busy
    lives we lead that see us spending a lot of time seated either in a car or at a desk, our lower
    posterior muscles including our glutes and hamstrings tend to become weak and struggle to
    activate when we attempt to move. Movements like lunges and lunge variations, glute
    bridges, plank holds, supermans and any squat variation when performed well will develop
    strength in the lower muscular chain.
  2. Dynamic warm ups are a key before any run session, these can include leg swings, calf walks
    lunges, hip rotations ad my personal favourite, ¼ squats which I find the best exercise for
    glute activation
  3. Make sure stretching is part of your daily routine. Extended period of sitting or those what
    frequently find themselves in the hip flexion position are susceptible to tight hips flexors
    which can cause pelvic imbalances impacting of good posture Tight ITB’s are also another
    common issue for runners and cyclists. Static stretching is a good way to make sure muscles
    remain lengthened as is the use of a foam roller or trigger point ball of areas where knots
    may be present. Yoga is a great way increase flexibility and help lengthen muscles so those
    that can great to one of Nina’s Thursday morning sessions I highly recommend it, your body
    will thank you for it.
  4. You don’t have to lift heavy weights to be strong and body weight exercises when
    performed with the correct form ensure the key target areas are hit and strengthened.

The Course

The course is 13.6km long and is 6+kms of incline straight off the bat from the starting point Mt Keira at Edmund Rice Boys school. The course plateaus at Robinson’s Look out and the, its all down hill from there, minus the last   1km approximately which is some what flat.

Our Tips

  1. Run or walk at your own ability, if you are not a strong runner, take it at your own pace. Listen to your breathing and heart 13.6km can be a long way especially if its up hill.
  2. Conserve energy at the start/incline to be able to get to the top and then successfully finish. Our tip is to wear a heart rate monitor to watch your heart rate and keep it down and at a consistent level to be able to finish. If you don’t, you will get exhausted faster.

Where should your heart rate be? 

Depending on your current fitness level you should maintain a zone 1 or 2 for most of the run. Use the link below to understand heart rate monitoring more. If you are getting to Zone 4 or 5 in the first few kilometres you will find your self being very exhausted quickly!

Heart Rate Zones

3. When running up the hill keep your breathing consistent, head up high and chest up looking ahead. Keep your arms moving and they will help you get up the hill!

4. Down the hills- after running up hill for a good while your hip-flexors might be aching and calves fatiguing, be careful with how fast you pound down the hill, you will gain speed quickly and often faster than your quad muscles and knees can maintain. Smaller, lighter steps is advised, where you strike the ground with your mid foot rather than your heel. This will save your knees and help to prevent shin splints, minimising impact. Remember its ok to walk!

5. You are finished and at the end – stretch you calves and if you have a foam roller, roll, roll, roll! Rest, re-hydrate and eat some food. You will have burnt many calories so make sure you fill up on good food and replenish your body’s energy system.

Have fun and good luck!