Staying fit: How You Can Help Build Muscle Outside of the Gym

August 3rd, 2016 0 Comments

Protein drink: Help your muscles out by consuming good quality protein within half an hour of finishing a training session. Whey protein works well as a supplement

Many of you are training incredibly hard in the gym, and have a goal of increasing muscle mass. We all know that lifting weights will help this, however we can’t always be in the gym.

This article is designed to help you with muscle growth outside of the gym. Factors needed to aid in muscle growth include:

1. Protein Help your muscles out by consuming good quality protein within the half hour following your training session. It may be hard sitting down to a protein rich meal straight after training, so whey protein works well as a supplement.

2. Sleep is absolutely critical and the most effective muscle promoting recovery modality we have. Athletes in heavy training need upwards of nine hours of sleep per day.

3.  Scheduling Appropriate scheduling of sessions is crucial. Always try to do conditioning sessions in the morning and then consume carbohydrates. Lifting is often better in the afternoon, allowing the overnight period for recovery.

4.  Carbohydrates Don’t forget carbohydrates. Whilst having a massive pasta meal may not be the best option all the time, some carbohydrates are necessary to stimulate insulin release, something critical for the release of growth hormone.

5. Hydration Ensure you stay hydrated. This is critical for cellular function, as well as growth hormone release

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