Tips to improve leg speed

Tips to improve leg speed
June 26th, 2017 0 Comments

Speed is one of the most important qualities in any sport and will often create the difference between winning and losing.


Picture – Illawarra Mercury


We are born with a certain amount of fast and slow twitch muscle fibres and cannot change this number, however we can do things to improve our leg speed.

Things to improve speed include:

Practise running fast, set up two markers 30 metres apart and  sprint between these for 8-10 sets, 90 seconds recovery after each.

Practise plyometrics such as double foot jumps, box jumps and standing long jumps to improve leg power.

Perform running drills such as fast feet, and high knees to increase leg rotation and knee height.

Movements in the gym such as squats and leg press will also increase leg power and hence leg speed.