Win a share of $3000 Winter Hump Challenge 2018

winter hump
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Join one of three categories for a chance to  win a share of $3000 and in prizes.

This is a winter event and challenge offered by Chodat Fitness for the duration of Winter from the 1st June until 31st August 2018.
Offering our transformation program ‘A Healthier You’ a ‘Performance Elite Challenge’ which is a fitness test and challenge. You will have the chance to compete in teams and make the most of the fun and even win a prize at the end of Winter Hump Party!
Join up to personal training or group outdoor training with discounted prices, along with new classes, location changes, team challenges and different styles of group fitness during the season.

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 Registration, 2x Body Composition Scans and A Healthier You program=$275.00

As above, contact us HERE to purchase for you and a new member = 2 for 1 Transformation Package



Not A Member?       

Personal Training Promo –  13 weeks of Personal Training 1 x 1 hour session a week  for $71.00 per week ezidebit or $900.00 up front

Group Training Promo – 13 weeks of Unlimited Group Training starting from $22.50 per week or $275.00 up front


Whats New This Year?

A Healthier You program group set up, Scans and the Performance Elite challenge are held at UniActive Gym on the 26th May early start and then the 1st September.

Test your ability on the Performance Elite fitness test workout now!

  1. 1 km Bike level 14
  2. bench squats 30 reps, men 10kg plate women 5 kg plate – bum to bench as one rep
  3. hand release push up 30 reps, – hands must leave ground and have full lock out at elbows, push up to  toes.
  4. farmer carry for distance 100 meters, men 12kg each and women 8kg each hand- you can walk or run this
  5. military press 30 reps, men 20kg and women 12.5 kg- no kipping
  6. Pond run – finish at stairs

Timed and monitored by a trainer, your average of both times wins.


Body Composition Scan

      • Body Fat percentage measurement
      • Distribution of fat measured in kilograms
      • Visceral fat (fat around organs)
      • BMI
      • Total skeletal, muscle mass
      • Bone mineral density

Team Fun & Motivation  – Win a team prize!

Create your own team and compete together to encourage motivation and accountability. The team that is most consistent wins an epic prize! Free to register, get signed up before 21st May.

Contact Fabian- to secure your team name and members.




A Healthier You is a health awareness program aiming to assist and motivate Photo 25-2-18, 8 56 32 pmparticipants to reach their nutrition and physical activity goals.

Our program aims to educate on healthy eating and exercise, by using mindfulness, accountability and specific coaching tools to improve self-awareness and generate a sustainable healthy lifestyle change. With support from your own health coach it encourages individuals to take responsibility for change. Through research, we understand  Photo 25-2-18, 8 57 13 pmthat simply providing eating plans and supplements does not equal long-term success and sustained weight-loss. Our unique approach is to provide a platform to educate you about food, to make you aware of your relationship with food and build a positive foundation for a long-term change and ‘A Healthier You’.

What You Get

        • Body composition scans, weigh-in, photos with your coach
        • Personalised calories for your goals
        • Nutritional and goal setting conversation with the coaches and dietitian
        • Food guidance and food diary your coach will review and feedback = AccountabilityPhoto 25-2-18, 8 55 08 pm
        • Facebook group forum access for you  to learn, converse and to get motivation from your coach, other members
        • Grocery/shopping visit and regular Q&A/support with Accredited Dietitians
        • Tips and tricks on a healthy life style
        • Access to discounted group or personal training packages


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Terms and Conditions

Group and Personal Training promotions = This offer is valid from 1st June – 31th August 2018 and is to be purchased before the 1st June 2018, strictly no transfers, suspensions, cancellations of packages once purchased. This does not include $50.00 once off membership fee this is additional to all non-current members. No free week trials given for this promotion.

All entries to the Winter Hump must have a current membership and package.

$50.00 once off membership fee is additional to all non-current members.