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Winter Hump Team Results Announced!

Saturday 30th August marked the final day of the Winter Hump Challenge that started in June. Saturday 30th was the last Super Session where Chodat Fitness invited Savvy Fitness to come and compete with us at our HQ in a obstacle course event. The team that won was the team the had the best average, devised from how many people on your team and how many laps were complete in the 1.5 hour course.

Well done to Team Savvy for winning the last Super Session! It was a VERY close result…that would have seen a draw if it was one more lap from Team Chodat!

Savvy Fitness score- 4.2

Chodat Fitness score – 4.1

Greenacres Disability Services WollongongThe challenge was an opportunity to raise money for Greenacres Disability Services and we collectively  raised $700 that morning.

The team from Greenacres joined in on the challenge and did really well! Thank you for coming down and we look forward to supporting more so.

CEO Chris Christodoulou and Greenacres Disability Services worker Lindsay, with Emily accepting the $700 donation we collected from the final Winter Hump challenge.



Winter Hump Teams

team white announcmentThe Winter Hump Consisted of 4 teams that worked hard for 13 weeks during winter to stay motivated and keep their fellow team
mates focused and coming to as many outdoor group training and personal training sessions they could. At the end there can only be on team that wins, that team now gets the bragging rights and the opportunity to come to the Winter Hump party for FREE!

WINTER HUMP week 13 team results are in! 

WINNERS = WHITE TEAM – 68 points


Big shout out to the individuals for the most sessions attended this week: Team White – Emma Fitzgibbon, Team Red – Rod Fielding, Team Black – Stacey Zanella, Team Silver- Aliesha Quill. The announcement of the individual winners will be announced on the night.

Below is a list of the White team members, for everyone else who has RSVP-ed to the party now is the time to pay for your tickets before Friday 5th September and collect your tickets, this can be done via direct transfer.

Party Details; The Living Room  7pm, Saturday 6th September, smart casual dress, $50.00pp.the living room cafe and bar wollongong

What Do You Get At The Party:

  • Entry to the hump party at the venue
  • DJ to dance all night
  • Drink vouchers
  • Canapé food
  • Prizes to be won

Please contact our Administration 0431383411 if you need assistance.

<<<WHITE TEAM members>>>

Barila, Franca
Emma Fitzgibbon
Antunez, Tiana
Bloomfield, Debbie
Butler, Allison
Cappetta, Elena
Corolla, Rob
Di Milia, Narelle
Fitzsimmons, Evan
GLENN, Cheryl
HARB, Charlie
Iacovelli, Luke
McBeath Lucy
Milan, Laura

McMillan Toni
Naumovski, James
O’Connor, Ryan
O’Neill Mick
PRYOR, Steve

Sorrentino, Daniella
THORNE, Bernadette
Visaggio, Nina
Waddell Lynda




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