Its a ‘Team White’ Winners World

Its a ‘Team White’ Winners World
August 31st, 2015 0 Comments

Winter Hump 2015 Team Results Announced

August 29th saw our final super session for the challenge this year, held at Beaton Park there was a range of activities including track sprinting, strength circuits even a family element where we had child friendly competition and challenges.

This years charity that is being supported is Healthy People Illawarra.  The charity implement a range of initiatives that help and support individuals and groups, educating to prevent disease, including obesity in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions. Chodat fitness will be taking part in supporting these initiatives moving forward. Chodat Fitness will be committing to giving their time in collaboration with the Healthy People’s initiative’s programs to support people that are need of learning about fitness health and nutrition in several 6 week programs that will start at the end of the year.  

healthy people illawarra chodat fitnessOn the morning of the super session Healthy People Illawarra came and supported the members that competed, providing a light Lokamo beaton parkbreakfast for the crew and there was a gold coin donation in return for the charity.


The Winter Hump team individuals a crew points for every personal training or group session they attend over the 13 weeks. The team with the most points win, and come to the Winter Hump party for free.



white skull logo

Well they have done it again! Team White  have made a successful come back and have taken out the 2015 Winter Hump challenge once more. 

  • White Team total of 6 week wins (1 week shared a tie with red team on week 4)
  • Silver and Red team with a total of 3 week wins each
  • Black Team toal of 2 week wins

Below is a list of the Team White’s members who now get to come to the party for FREE. For everyone else who has RSVP-ed to the party now is the time to pay for your tickets before Friday 4th September.  

Party Details; The Living Room  7pm, Saturday 6th September, smart casual dress, $50.00pp.

the living room cafe and bar wollongong

What Do You Get At The Party:

  • Entry to the hump party at the venue
  • DJ to dance all night
  • Drink vouchers
  • Canapé food
  • Prizes to be won

Please contact our Administration 0431383411 if you need assistance.

<<<TEAM WHITE members>>>

1. Barila, Melanie
2. Berlowitz, Fiona
3. Bloomfield, Debbie
4. Breakspear, Chrissy
5. BROWN, Rod
6. Buxton, Alan
7. Castagna, Fabian
8. Chadwick, Joel
9. Chiaverini, Julia
10. COLE, Jason
11. Cross, Natalie
12. Davidson, Hamish
13. Dean, Rhea
14. EDDY, Dax
15. Ellmers, Julie
16. FERRI, Andrew
17. Fitzgibbon, Emma
18. Fuller, Shellie
19. Giffen, Vickie
20. Grimson, Bradd
21. Hansen, Jessy
22. Haranis, Hannah
24. Holder-Keeping, Elle
25. ISSA, Kenny
26. Kaul, Julia
27. LAVIS, Lynn
28. Lyon, Ainslie
29. Naumovski, Silvana
30. Neich, Deb
31. O’Neill, Mick
32. OSBORNE, Jan
33. Roulstone, Chris
34. Simic, Nicole
35. Sorensen, Dave
36. Tesanovic, Boris
37. Tuohy, Caitlin
38. Vernon, Marisa
39. VISNIC, Milka
40. Vukasinovic, Grant
41. Whitton, Morweena
42. Wood, Craig
43. Zogbhi, Natasha