Winter Hump 2014 Group Fitness Testing Results

Winter Hump 2014 Group Fitness Testing Results
September 2nd, 2014 0 Comments

Results are in! Congratulations to all those who embarked on the Winter Hump Challenge and Group Fitness Testing. Any areas blank indicate you missed this round of fitness testing – not to worry, we will be testing again in no time, so keep training hard and well done to all participants!

Please keep in mind some results vary to suit the fitness abilities of the individual. For example some people did a shorter distance run etc we didn’t see it necessary to add these details next to the individuals names. The individual knows what the variation they tested in therefore their times/results are relevant to the test they completed.

Testing is a great, positive way to keep motivated to achieve bench marks, keep your fitness levels at a maximum and drive to achieve. This is a forum to simply encourage you all and show you your results, for some reason if you wish not to partake in having your name listed please email and we’ll aim to remove your name for the next testing phase.