Winter Hump 2017

Winter Hump 2017
April 23rd, 2017 0 Comments

Boosted Timetable

2017 brings a simplistic approach to The Winter Hump, bringing more focus back to motivation through the hardest time of the year …WINTER!

STARTS JUNE 1ST Thursday – ENDS AUGUST 29TH Tuesday 

This year we have boosted our timetable in addition to our regular schedule that all clients can try, there is something for everyone.  Jump out of your comfort zone and see what your body is capable of, you might even get lucky and win a prize for your efforts.

Over $1000 of prizes to be won!

Winter Hump Timetable 2017-2snip

PRINT TIMETABLE Winter Hump Timetable 2017-2


What’s New This Year?

  • Introducing Yoga every second week 6pm located at iC Innovation Campus Level 2 North Wollongong. (This is in lieu of our normal Ripped and Stripped class and a part of your group membership). Yoga is also FREE for all current Personal Training members.
  • Outdoor group Sublime trek
  • Athletics session at Beaton Park
  • Cross Training at Port Kembla
  • Spartan Challenges at South Beach
  • Regular Gym sessions on Saturdays – last Saturday of each month

Need a Transformation?

We are are working with Health Solutions in West Wollongong to ensure your greatest success. DEXA scans are 99% accurate and show a lot of information about your health and body.

Click here to request an appointment for a DEXA scan. Once you have the appointment arranged, head to their premises (6 Dudley Street Wollongong NSW 2500) for the scan.

You then have two choices:

  1. Have one scan to collect your personal data


2. Have the scan with the personal data and then book an half hour appointment with a Chodat Trainer to get your Macro-nutrient, Calorie and goal formula. We’ll assist you in understanding the app to track your food and training to achieve your set goals.

Choose to get one scan which shows your personal data or have two scans (highly recommended) to see your progress at the beginning and the end of the Winter Hump.

Health Solutions will be offering a seminar free to Chodat members during the Winter Hump. Date to be confirmed.  RSVP interest here.

Dexa Scan is $85.00 per scan and health fund rebates available.

Health Solutions Signature Scan  includes the following objective and calculated measures:

  • Bone mineral density
  • Lean mass
  • Fat mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • Total and regional body composition
  • Central abdominal fat measurement
  • Metabolic rate and estimated daily energy expenditure (EDEE)
  • Goal specific suggested calorie intake
  • Goal specific macronutrient breakdown (carbs, fats & proteins)
  • Predicted fat loss rate
  • Exercise and dietary information
  • Accuracy to one tenth of a gram

Not A Member?      

Join for 13 weeks with the following

hand buttonPersonal Training Promotion – One PT session per week for $75.00 direct debit (normally $82.00) 



hand buttonUnlimited Group Training starting from $25.00 per week* or $265.00 up front


Terms and Conditions Apply:

The 13 week promotion is only valid from 1st June- 29th August 2017 and is to be purchased before 1st June 2017. Join up for 13 weeks unlimited group training starting from $25.00 direct debit this is not including credit card or ezidebit fees. Or chose to pay upfront $265.00 only. Strictly, no transfers, suspensions, cancellations of packages once purchased. Does not include $45.00 once off membership fee this is additional to all non-current members. Enquire Here.  Personal Training sessions can be in the Gym or outside, additional gym membership will need to be purchased with the gym directly.