Winter Hump 2021

Winter Hump 2021
July 6th, 2021 0 Comments

The Mini Version of the Winter Hump

Join us, this season starting Monday 12th July for a 6 Week Motivational Fun Challenge.⁠ (Pending Covid19 lock down).
We just want to help you get through this cold winter and keep you moving… that is what we do best.⁠ ⁠

✅ For PT members in the gym/outside:⁠
⁠Weekly challenges to complete and the weekly winner gets a $50 voucher to one of our local cafes/shops.⁠

✅For Group members – we challenge you to attend as many sessions as possible over a 6 week period. With the option of completing additional ‘out of class’ challenges to obtain extra points. ⁠We are looking at adding  yoga to the schedule for a few weeks also. Keep posted on any schedule changes.

🎈We will have a casual announcement social evening at the end of the challenge, 28th August.⁠

📱Contact us if you are not a member and want to be a part of the fun.⁠

Buy Intro offers ⁠HERE >>>

$25 for 14 days unlimited group fitness

$60 for 2 x 30 minute PT sessions